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The Football World Championship Award.

This is the Award I completed twice. :-) First I worked all special stations and a few DL's with my HA5XXA callsign. Then my callsign was changed to HG5XA. I asked the award manager and was told that I cannot mix QSOs made with two different callsigns. So I had to restart. In a short timespan I worked all the special stations anew, and worked the necessary number of DLs basically in one big German pile-up on 40m. This is why HA5XXA got Bronze, while HG5XA got the Gold. Fun indeed. :-)

HG5XA licence

DXCC CW award

Football WM Award

Maccabiah Games Award

Trafalgar Award

Ikreskönyv. Ikrek könyve. Könyv az ikrekről. Iker gyerekek. Ikrek nevelése. Ikres szülők gyakorlati kézikönyve.