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Callsign changed to HG5XA

On 31 May 2006 my HA5XXA callsign was withdrawn and I became HG5XA.

HG5XA was the first callsign I held: I received it in 1982. The HG prefix was then a VHF-callsign, all amateurs without a CW exam got HG, but even those who were Morse proficient and had therefore received a HA callsign had to use the HG prefix on bands above 30 MHz.
I myself passed a CW exam in 1983 and was HA5XA until 2000. In 2003 however, I was given a new callsign, HA5XXA which I never liked.

On 25 May 2006 regulations in Hungary changed: CW is no longer a requirement for access to HF, and there is no longer a legal difference between a HA or a HG prefix. I therefore decided to turn my HA5XXA licence in and take out my first callsign: HG5XA.

The HA5X contest callsign remains active, and from time to time you might also hear HA5XA as a "special callsign" :-)

HG5XA licence

DXCC CW award

Football WM Award

Maccabiah Games Award

Trafalgar Award

Ikreskönyv. Ikrek könyve. Könyv az ikrekről. Iker gyerekek. Ikrek nevelése. Ikres szülők gyakorlati kézikönyve.