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CT3 - Madeira

My family was visiting Madeira between 28 February - 11 March 2006.
It was a family holiday, so I was on-air only while the babies were asleep. That meant 1-2 hours in the afternoon, and evening-night hours. During the afternoon people in Europe were working at their offices, so there was low activity, in the evening/at night the propagation was quite bad...

RIG was an FT897, about 100W, antenna was a GP on 20m, and MTFT-UNUN and long wire on other bands.

I made about 900 QSOs, most of them EU and NA. Thank you all for giving me a call. eQSLs and LOTW confirmations are already sent. I will also print paper QSLs in the coming weeks.

A searchable LOG of the expedition is available at

You can find a lot of our Madeira photos at:

HG5XA licence

DXCC CW award

Football WM Award

Maccabiah Games Award

Trafalgar Award

Ikreskönyv. Ikrek könyve. Könyv az ikrekről. Iker gyerekek. Ikrek nevelése. Ikres szülők gyakorlati kézikönyve.