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From time to time I will show interesting QSL cards that I receive. Not all cards, just those that I find interesting, nice or a rarity :-)

NA1SS International Space Station QSO on 2m FM with space tourist Charles Simonyi KE7KDP/HA5SIK

VK9DWX Willis Islets Expedition. 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m CW.

OJ0MI. 20m SSB.

5Z4/9A3A 20m and 15m CW.

OX5AA on 80m CW. Thanks for new bandslot!



40m CW. A DXCC entity just recently born.

D20VB from Angola. 17m CW.

HB0CC. 17m and 6m SSB. Liechtenstein is a beautiful country, just look at Ivo's QSL card.

5Z4/UA4HWX Kenya. 20m, 15m, 10m CW

D20VB from Angola. 17m CW.

D60VB from Comoros. 40m, 30m CW.

7Q7VB from Malawi. 40m, 17m CW.

Z2/UA4HWX from Zimbabwe. 20m CW.

A25VB Botswana. 20m, 17m, 15m CW

9G5UR from Ghana. Excellent sigs on several bands!

9G5A/p 20m CW and SSB. Nunu Busua Isl. IOTA AF-084

T88PT 30m CW. Palau. A new DXCC to me.

C91TK 20m CW. Mozambique. Another new one :-)

VK9DNX. A superb expedition to Norfolk. They even heard me with 2W into a 3 m long wire laying on my roof!!!

ZL8R. Kermadec. 40m CW

V63JQ Micronesia. 40m CW

8Q7DV 40m CW. Currently my XYL's favourite QSL design :-)

VU4AN/VU3NZC 30m CW. A nice picture QSL from the Andamans :-)

J79CW Commonwealth of Dominica. Looks great on the card, but the average daytime temperature is between 24-30 degrees Celsius. A bit too high for my liking :-)

It seems I can only work the UN HQ every twenty (anniversary) years, and only on 20m CW :-)

VU4AN/VU3KIE Andamans

R1ANN and RU3HD/ANT on many bands :-)

6W/HA3AUI from Senegal.

Diego Garcia, Chagos Archipelago.

Malyj Visotsky Island. It was hard to find it on the map, but it is a separate DXCC entity.

I often see notes on the cluster that Puzant is a $$$ hunter and sends no QSL. Well, I have one from him...

17m CW. Traffic in Gaborone. TNX for QSL, Take-san!

30m CW. The first QSL from Andaman.

15m SSB. A nice card from Laos. TNX, Alex!

3Y0X: Peter One expedition. A nice six-sided QSL card :-) Click on the card to enlarge its sides.

QSO with the robot aboard the RS5 satellite. Note the QTH: Cosmic Space :-) Pity that 145/29 MHz satellites are no longer QRV. They were easy to use with modest RIG, inspiring many beginners.

15m SSB. Nice to have this 1986 QSO confirmed now. Better late than never :-) TNX Chris, TR8SA!

HA7TM Tibi's superb DXpedition to Guinea-Bissau. I had never worked J5 before. Tibi was "hunted down" several bands this time, greatly increasing my DXCC count :) TNX!

20m SSB. QSL from 1986!!! Look at this GREAT radio station I also enlarged a detail from the station. It says: "No contacting following stations: 4X, 4Z, ZS, ZR, HL... .

40,20,15,17m CW, 15m SSB. Nice, double, folded card. Picture on front is very sad though :-(

15m CW & SSB. Grenada is new DXCC to me.

15m SSB.

An 1985 QSO with Kerguelen! Great to have it confirmed 21 years later! New DXCC.

15m SSB. The first QSL I have from Gabon.

15m CW. I never before had a card from Sudan. This week this one is the 3rd card arriving from there :-)

40m CW. A nice card letting me learn something about Sudan's rich history.

Colin is a great QSL sender. This card confirms four different bands.

My first QSL from Sudan :)

I have some QSOs with Afghanistan, but none were accepted by ARRL for DXCC. Maybe this one???

So far I only had Mali confirmed on LOTW.

Lance, VK6DU helped me to this card confirming a QSO I made with Christmas Island back in 1985!!! Thanks for the new one!

HG5XA licence

DXCC CW award

Football WM Award

Maccabiah Games Award

Trafalgar Award

Ikreskönyv. Ikrek könyve. Könyv az ikrekről. Iker gyerekek. Ikrek nevelése. Ikres szülők gyakorlati kézikönyve.